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*If you are homophobic or against homosexuality please do not read this rant*

Before I start running my mouth off on another random topic I would just like to state for the record that I have always tolerated gayness even at its highest, and though I am not gay, I have always had respect for the gay community and people's right to be gay. Now I know NG isnt the best place to post somthing like this because most people on here are hederosexual and even more hate gays, the reason I'm doing this is to try to educate all you insensitive racist homophobes on the basics of homosexuality. Now for the majority of my life I never knew many gay guys(or gay girls for that matter) and I never really had a strong opinion on the 'gay' topic. Or in the immortal words of Eminem: "I just dont give a fuck", however that is nolonger the case. Last night I went to a local club for teens with my girlfriend Alia. I had never heard of the place before, but she recommended it so I went to see if it was cool or not. Now upon arrival it seemed pretty normal; kids smoking weed outside, loud-ass music, druggies passed out after taking way to much ecstacy until we went into the lounge area and I met some of the regulars at the club. I met a lesbian couple, two gay guys, and an eleven year-old kid named Dylan. Dylan sticks out in my mind not only for the fact that he could breakdance better than anyone i've ever seen before, but that he was also gay. Thats right folks, an eleven year old gay kid. I talked to alia about how someone that young could make the choice be gay. Now all my life i thought it was a choice, but as it turns out; this kid had been attracted to males his whole life. After hearing that I started wondering: "Is it really a choice, or not?" So I talked to a couple of the other gay kids there. A gay guy named Domitri told me he was the same way too, same with the lesbian couple that was there. It seemed like all the rumours that Republicans, Christians, and Facist-Nazi's had put out was all a bunch of bullshit. But who's really suprised at that? People dont realize that if you're gay, you're still a person. If you are gay, do you not love? Do you not feel pain? That kind of brings me to my next point: Homophobia. It seems alot of people are afraid of gays, or hate gays. The reality is, most of these people have never even met a gay person. I had my own predudice against gays before I met them. If someone hates the gay community it is normally because they have never met a gay person or had a gay friend before. But that is not always the case. In this world of bi-curiousness, many gay young men and women are raised to believe that if they have homosexual urges, to surpress them. Kids arent raised to express who they really are inside. Parents who catch their kids having gay relationships try to make them believe that they arent really "that way", and supressing their own natural urges causes depression which can lead to suicide. Another HUGE reason people are conditioned to dislike gays is because of religion. Christian leaders publicly express hatred for gays, saying that homosexuals will "burn in hell" if they dont change their ways. The thing is, if you're born gay you cant just DECIDE to be straight. Homosexuals cant change because they're gay by nature, not by choice. Even certain types of animals mate with the same sex such as Dolphins, Monkeys, and Penguins.

In conclusion: Homosexuality is not a choice, and people who have been manipulated to dislike gays need to realise this. Look at it this way: What if you where in a world where everyone was gay? Wouldn't you want to be treated equally. Also- if you are gay, dont be afraid to admit it. If you're afraid to be who you are, that fear will take over you're life. Dont let it.

If you took the time to read all that, thank you for your time. I hope you learned something.

-Alexander Mogg(Swim-The-Swan)


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Yes I have decided to do a movie about the columbine high school massacre called Tw3lve(they killed 12 people) that will be shown from the perspective of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I dont have much animation done yet(mostly just a bunch of action tests) but a teaser should be out soon. Ive attached a picture of a scene from the movie. It is the famous cafeteria picture taken from the security camera of Eric(left) and Dylan(right) entering the Cafeteria in Columbine High.


Alot of people have contacted me with complaints of glitches in my recent game, Flash Halo. I have decided to delete Flash Halo v1.1 and re-release the game when all errors have been fixed. Just thought I'd keep you informed.

TO: [unidentified]
SUBJECT: Thanks for Global Warming
FROM: Canada

You know canada. Its fuckin crazy up here! The weed, the gays, the -erm- parlaimentary democracy. But most of all is the fucking weather. After 14 years i can not fuckin take six months of freezing my fucking ass off. The reality is most canadians wanna move down south, but you need a passport now so everyone's all like 'well fuck that'. Even now in Edmonton, Alberta there's already frost on the ground & the temperature has been slowly declining into the negatives. And celsius is colder than farenheight.

That sorta brings me to my main point. Global fuckin warming. An 'inconvenient' "truth". Notice the quotations. For any of you who made the mistake of watching Al Gore's film, you know what i'm talking about. Remember when he showed the peaks of C02 before the ice ages compared to the high levels of C02 now. He failed to show you the perfectly even time frame from the last ice age to now. Meaning... WE'RE ALREADY DUE FOR A NEW FUCKING ICE AGE YOU DUMBASSES! If anything global warming is preventing the ice age right now, not causing it.

What i'm trying to say here is that the more days without snow we get up here, the better. And its all thanks to global warming. Thank you oil industry. Thank you rotting corpses. Thank you car emissions. Thank you non-hybrid car companies. Thank you for global warming, and the few extra days of warmth Canada can look foreward too thanks to it. When people see a glacier in Antarctica fall into the water or a polar bear swimming 60 kilometers just to end up dying anyways they see change. People are EXTREMELY AFRAID OF CHANGE. But dont worry. The greenhouse gases will keep the world safe for YOUR lifetime.

Put down your signs. Climb down from that tree. Rejoin society.


Based on my own life...

[Ever since I was six, ive been making this mix
Cause I feel like I'm carrying 1000 bricks]

Back in Grade 1 it was all games and fun,
Never thought my best friend would be out on the run,
That the ESB would expell, half my class
Cause the principal got power and became a jackass!
Never thought that kid at VT would get rough,
Or that my brother would get high and steal half my stuff!
When I was young my father told me that life isnt fair,
I didnt listen and now life is cutting off my air!
It seems my life turned out to be a spill in the isle,
Now my friends are in court, I appeared at their trials
I dont like to talk about the torture and pain,
I aint like that, I like to keep my blood in my veins!
Never thought they would do this and I know that they lied,
But now I gotta buckle down, and take it in stride,
So keep this in your head as you're going to bed,
Your life may suck now, but theres always a new one ahead.

Dedicated to all my friends who are facing criminal charges because of wrongful accusation. It sucks to be they guys that 'just happened to be there'