Flash Halo - ERRORZ!!!!!111

2007-11-14 13:57:04 by Swim-The-Swan

Alot of people have contacted me with complaints of glitches in my recent game, Flash Halo. I have decided to delete Flash Halo v1.1 and re-release the game when all errors have been fixed. Just thought I'd keep you informed.


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2007-11-14 15:42:33

I saw your topic of it a while ago and played it. Stuff that you could fix without re-inventing the wheel here would be.

-Get rid of the lone Magnum or one SMG. It's pretty obvious when given a free choice of 1 or 2 of the same gun that they all do the same damage.
-Gradient rape. Just use solid colors, it looks more proffesional.
-Add some limbs to the characters and not just a foot.


2007-11-14 15:42:59

I hope you fix it soon. And I`m also waiiting for a new episode of Southside school.

Swim-The-Swan responds:

Im not sure if South Side School will continue. I think I'll make one final episode and end the series there because I really dont see it going anywhere. My next project is a bit more serious and I will probably be working on more serious movies from now on. When you spend all your time doing comedy, you forget how deep your movies can be and that you have the ability to make people think about things.

If you want some info on my next project PM me.