Entry #1

Never Thought...(a small rap/poem)

2007-09-07 21:40:09 by Swim-The-Swan

Based on my own life...

[Ever since I was six, ive been making this mix
Cause I feel like I'm carrying 1000 bricks]

Back in Grade 1 it was all games and fun,
Never thought my best friend would be out on the run,
That the ESB would expell, half my class
Cause the principal got power and became a jackass!
Never thought that kid at VT would get rough,
Or that my brother would get high and steal half my stuff!
When I was young my father told me that life isnt fair,
I didnt listen and now life is cutting off my air!
It seems my life turned out to be a spill in the isle,
Now my friends are in court, I appeared at their trials
I dont like to talk about the torture and pain,
I aint like that, I like to keep my blood in my veins!
Never thought they would do this and I know that they lied,
But now I gotta buckle down, and take it in stride,
So keep this in your head as you're going to bed,
Your life may suck now, but theres always a new one ahead.

Dedicated to all my friends who are facing criminal charges because of wrongful accusation. It sucks to be they guys that 'just happened to be there'


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2007-09-07 22:52:37

i would love to rap this...can i use it...please


2007-09-09 00:31:57

kosher salt is good on steak

Swim-The-Swan responds:



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